Bath Routine for my Long Haired Dog

I'm totally one of those nosy people that ask about your beauty routine including your shower routine. I want to know how often do you shower? What do you use? How often do you wash your hair? When you take a body shower, does your hair accidentally get damp and you're like dang it and just end up washing your hair because it just seems logical? Do you change your towel every time you shower? Haha, ok I'm ridiculous but I just want to know. 

Obviously, as the dog obsessed girl I am, I want to know all about your dog's beauty routine. How often does your bog bathe? Pixie takes a bath once a month because 1. I take her to work everyday so I don't her to be the smelly kid and 2. she LOVES rolling in the grass and in some stinky worm stuff that dogs seemed to love. The shampoo that I'm loving for her is the Bobbi Panter Natural Soothing dog shampoo that I bought at Homegoods. Pixie has sensitive skin and this doesn't irritate her. It also rinses out really quickly and nicely and she smells terrific. I had a male coworker comment on how good she smells after bath day so it must be working. I use the KissAble puppy conditioner. I use this because Pixie has long hair and it keeps her neck fluff extra fluffy and keeps her hair from having knots. 

Dog shampoo and conditioner routine

After her bath, I wipe her down with a big microfiber towel in the tub or she goes crazy and just runs around the whole apartment. Does your dog do that? I always give her 2 little treats - her current favorite treat is this one from DOG for DOG. The dog treat is really small and soft so I don't have to break it down for her. It's perfect for a toothless dog like Pixie or a senior dog. After she's done freaking out about her coat being wet, I clean her ears. I just make sure it doesn't have any moisture and it's not visibly dirty.

On the daily, I wipe her paws after every walk...ok I lied. That's what I would like to do but I get lazy and just let her in the house. When her paws are visibly yucky, I clean it with a micro fiber towel with a little bit of water. I do however give her a brushing everyday because she loves it so much and she's so cute when I bring out the comb. So tell me what your beauty routine for your dog is? I'm super curious and would love to know!