Cruelty Free False Eyelashes - Target Edition

It's almost Halloween which means that many of you will be wearing false eyelashes. Personally, I love false eyelashes. I feel so much prettier with them on. It really makes a huge difference with how you look. But did you know that some fake eyelashes are tested on animals and some fancy ones use mink. Ugh, so unnecessary! Looking pretty for my instagram photos is important to me but certainly not that important. This is why I've created a Top 5 list of cruelty free false eyelashes you can buy at Target and other drugstores. 

  1. Eylure Vegas Nay False Eyelashes Grand Glamour $7.99
  2. Sonia Kashuk Full Glam Eyelashes $4.99
  3. Ardell Natural Fashion Lashes Starter Kit - Natural Lashes 110 $ 5.99
  4. Ardell Natural Fashion Lashes Starter Kit - Natural Lashes 105 $ 5.99
  5. Ariel Natural Eyelashes - Black 4 Pair $11.99

I love the false lashes by Ardell and especially like their black eyelash glue. Have you tried any of these lashes? Which one is your favorite?