Halloween Treats for Dogs

As a kid, I loved Halloween. Our mom would makeup on us to complete our princess outfits and I thought that was the best. Back in the day when Sheena and I were kids, it wasn't standard to dress up your dog. It's so great to see nation wide retailers have so many options for our dogs. I know some dogs mind wearing clothes and getting dressed up but both Pixie and Daisy don't mind at all. Now as an adult and there isn't candy to lure me into wearing a costume, Halloween makes me antsy. I can never decided what I want to be and the effort becomes a drag. I'm happy that I have Pixie to dress up so most of the attention goes to her. 

Since most homes don't have dog treats ready when you go trick or treating (which by the way should definitely become the norm soon), we made a round up of Halloween treats you can buy your dog to spoil them. They deserve a little bit of sugar high on Halloween just like you do!

Roundup of Halloween treats for your dog