Pooper Scooper + Giveaway

The other day, I witnessed a mom of 2 trying to load up her young kids into the car for school. During the morning chaos, this poor mom dropped her daughter's backpack onto the grass which of course had dog poop on it. That stinks (literally and figuratively) so bad!!! This inspired me to write about poop picking and products to make it easier for all of us.

Toothfairypixie and her poop bag holder decorated with fabric flowers with sparkly accents. Poop bag holder can be purchased at droolofhappiness.com/shop

Sounds silly but there are good poop bags and bad poop bags. The bad is when it's super thin and when you go pick up the poop...well I'm sure you get the picture. A good one is one that's thick and doesn't rip. Our favorite is by Pogi's. It's lightly scented and good for the environment.

So now that you're a good citizen that picks up dog poop, you have to hold the dog poop which is no fun. Well not anymore thanks to Bag Buddy. You just put the used bag in the hole and you're free from poop holding. 

Ok, now all you need is a cute poop bag holder. I googled and pinterested (I made that word up) and I couldn't find a good one I liked so we made one. The poop bag is covered in fabric flowers with a touch of sparkle handmade by our talented mom. To inspire some poop picking, we are giving one away in the color of your choice! You can check out your color options on our online store.