Green Smoothie for You & Your Dog for St. Patrick's Day

Next week is St. Patrick's Day and we love being festive. I love having a green beer but I think that it would be much more helpful and healthier if we shared a green smoothie recipe that we will be enjoying. Obviously, green smoothies are a great way to get many of your daily vitamins. Well did you know dogs can enjoy a green smoothie too? When I make mine I always share a little bit with Pixie as long as the ingredients are dog safe. 

Ingredient list for a green smoothie for both humans and dogs.

I don't always make wise investments (I'm talking about you fancy shoes that I can't walk in) but one of the best investments I've ever made is a Vitamix. I bought one 2 years ago during their Black Friday sale and I literally use it every single day. I make green smoothies as well as homemade almond milk, almond butter, date paste, breadcrumbs, loaded baked potato soup (which comes out piping hot), and anything else you can think of. Seriously Target is selling it for a HUGE discount of $220 off right now for the same exact one I have. I thought I got the best deal ever so I'm thrilled for you that Target is offering an even better deal. If you've been on the fence about investing in a Vitamix, now is the time to buy it!! Check out all your options *here

Kale-afornia green smoothie ingredient and direction list for both dogs and humans

I know that I should be wearing green but I will risk getting a virtual pinch because my shirt from The Tree Kisser is too perfect for this post. Jessica, the wonderful soul behind the brand is a huge animal advocate and does so many things to make the world a better place. Besides the obvious such as donating 10% of her sales to animal organizations in need, sometimes she adds cards you can send to your friends to an order for free so you can spread the love. She even put $5 in an envelope and left it in her neighbors mailbox during the holidays and inspired them to pay it forward just because. How awesome is that!? She inspires me everyday with her kind voice. As my inspiration, I've named the smoothie after one of my favorite shirts from her. I highly recommend checking out her other amazing stuff. By the way, I know I might sound like an affiliate here but I'm totally not. I just have a major girl crush on her. 

I love these kitchen towels because they are totally awesome. It's currently on sale for only $10 for 2 and can be purchased here. Sorry for the wrinkles in the photo. It wasn't at first but Pixie likes to dig imaginary holes in cotton so by the time the photo was taken it was crinkly. I left it there for authenticity (laziness.)  

Chihuahua enjoying her green juice for dogs.

Pixie loved her green smoothie and you can't pinch her because she's wearing green on her lips. We would love to see a photo of you and your pup enjoying a green smoothie. Share it on our Facebook page so we can check it out!

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