Dog Walking Style - Spring Edition

 Pixie and I go on 2 walks everyday. Our morning walk is about 10 minutes because I'm not one of those super kick butt woman that wake up at 6am to go to spin. I'm the push snooze 3 times kind of girl and so is Pixie. I mean this girl is lazyyyy. I get up and I'm frantically getting ready and she's still sleeping in my (more like hers) bed. Our night walks range from 30-45 minutes depending on the day. LA has decided to go all sorts of crazy with the weather and it's driving Pixie and I bonkers. Last week was laying out on the beach weather and this week is laying out on the couch weather. The nice thing though is that the weather at night seems to be pretty consistent. I'm able to wear my super awesome light weight sweater that Sheena got me for my birthday this year. Perfect for any crazy dog ladies out there.

Walking my dog in my "I just want to drink wine, save animals, and take naps." sweater.
Leash by Squeaker Dogs. Poop bag created by us. 

Leash by Squeaker Dogs. Poop bag created by us. 

@toothfairypixie going on a walk with her squeaker dog leash.

I'm always on the hunt for a great pair of yoga pants to lounge around in...I mean do yoga in. Do you have any recommendations?