Earth Friendly Dog Products

Happy Earth Day! At our household, we try to be as earth friendly as possible and that includes items for dogs. But we also want to make sure that it's high quality as well as stylish. Here's some products I found that seems to fit the bill for both.

Aroma Paws Coat Spray Green Tea - Dogs somehow find a way to make themselves smelly even right after a bath. But you know it's not good for them to bathe too often. This would be perfect to spray on them if you're having guests over. It's also bio-degradable and they use a recycled bottle.

wildebeest Meadow Pet Rug in Lime - Pixie is very particular about laying on her blankie in the car. The one time I forgot it because I kindly washed it for her, she was pissed and moody the whole car ride. This would be a perfect blankie for your pup too especially if they are particular. It's machine washable and best of all, you can stuff it with your old pillow or towel for extra cushion to convert it into a bed. How cool!

Earth Rated 100% Plastic Free Refill Rolls - These are 100% plastic-free vegetable based poop bags. I don't know about you but we go through so many poop bags. I've always felt like it wasn't good for the environment but I've never really found a good alternative. But with these poop bags, you can throw it out in a compost trash can as long as they accept pet waste. Poop doing some good woo!

Harry Barker Classic Stripe Rectangle Bed - This dog bed is dyed using only non-chemical, earth friendly dyes. The filling is made out of recycled plastic materials. Plus the cover is machine washable. You would know that it was so earth friendly since it's so stylish! 

Simply Fido Oscar Monkey - Just like how Pixie has her blankie, her sister Minnie has HER rabbit. She's had this rabbit for over 10 years and doesn't resemble a rabbit anymore. It's become her security toy and she gently places it in her mouth and puts it right next to her before bed. She literally freaks out when she loses it and the entire family has looked for it before. I won't name any names or anything (DAISY!!) but that dog likes to chew it up with her underbite and rip it apart while Minnie looks in terror. I'm going to have to buy this organic monkey for Daisy that uses all natural dyes. That way when the cotton gets stuck in between her teeth, it won't be toxic. Finally, the rabbit can be in peace.