Dear Pixie - 1 Year Adoptaversary

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them and filling an emptiness we didn’t even know we had.
— Thom Jones

Monday was Pixie's 1 year adoptaversary. I can't believe it's already been a year! Even though I know she can't read, I thought it would be special to write a letter to her and make it our yearly tradition.

Dear Pixie,

I will never forget the day I met you. I want to share with you on how I came about to meet you so you can pass it on to other dogs while you sniff their butts. Kind of like a mother's birthing story with no weird medical devices. Sheena and Daisy told me that the famous @tunameltsmyheart is having a meetup again, this time at NKLA. I love Tuna and his super sweet mom, Courtney, so of course I said yes. We all took photos with Tuna and Sheena suggested we go check out the adoptable dogs. I knew deep down that no one can just "take a look" but I said yes. 

We went through the first row of dogs and I made no connections with the dogs. Phew, pass. We went through the second row and there you were. You looked like the cutest miniature fox I've ever seen. I made Sheena call your name because I knew if you came over to greet us I would be done for. Well you sure did and you captured our hearts so quickly. That little eye thing you did and you licking my fingers couldn't have been cuter. When I read that you were toothless I knew I was done for. 

Sheena and I left you for a minute but I felt a force that I can't explain and I had to come back to your kennel. I just couldn't leave you in there even though I wasn't entirely sure if I was ready for a dog. Sheena and I told the staff that we wanted to meet you outside of the kennel and their eyes lit up and they were so excited for you. I held you in my arms and you just stared at me like you found the one and I knew you were mine. I had a hard time not crying after hearing that some awful breeder chemically burnt your face, broke your jaw, left you in such bad health that you lost all of your teeth, and dumped you on the street because you no longer could have babies. I couldn't believe that you were treated this way and to top it off you were at the shelter for over a month and no one wanted you just because you were toothless. But those suckers can suck it because I got you.  

We have made so many memories in our year together. At first, you were so shy and you didn't make a peep. But you were so quick to warm up to me and flop on your back so I can give you belly rubs. I thought it was the cutest thing when you look terrified that I let you sleep in my bed. At first, you would sleep next to my foot but you slowly crept up and now you sleep right next to my face. Now, you're my little diva barking at the bigger dogs if they ignore you. You are the only dog that I can't be upset at for puking on my face. I'm so proud of you that you're finally warming up to Daisy, Mickey, Minnie, and Taffy and consider them family even though I know other dogs have traumatized you in the past. Because of you, I got to meet Tuna and his wonderful mom Courtney, Samantha from WagAware, and the wonderful staff of NKLA. Most importantly, you have made Sheena and I much closer.

Pixie, you make me a better person everyday. You give me purpose. You give me hope. You remind me to forgive. You complete me. I finally have a "we" to the point where dad worries I will never get married. You are my soul dog. I love you so much and hope to be the person that you think I am. Here's to another year full of fun memories together minus the whole puking on my face please.