Happy 5th Birthday Daisy

Happy 5th birthday Daisy!!

It's Daisy's birthday today and we love celebrating it even if it's made up. She gives us so much joy so we have to pamper her today. I thought it would be fun to answer frequently asked questions as well as little things I want to share about her because it's all about Daisy today.

So lets start with the most common question.

Why does she need a wheel cart? 

Daisy suffers from congenital deformity in her front legs. We assume she was born this way. We know it doesn't cause her any pain. Unfortunately, the wheelchair no longer gives her the support she needs so we are in the process of creating 3D prosthesis for her. You can read all about it here and here

Why does she have an underbite?

She was born this way! We think her teefs are adorable and totally adds to her personality.

Why did you name her Daisy?

Daisy's name was initially Scooter prior to adopting her. Although that name is perfect since she uses a wheelchair, I wanted to rename her Daisy in hopes that she will blossom into a sweet, but strong girl like the flower. 

Does she get along with Pixie?

Umm yes and no. At first, she was jealous of all the attention Pixie was getting and would growl at her which by the way sounds hilarious because it's such a low growl that you can't imagine coming out of her. But as time went by, Pixie became less annoying so Daisy is now less annoyed of her. Since Pixie still doesn't understand the concept of playing with other dogs, they won't play together. But they now nap together and share treats together which is oh so sweet. So yup, their friendship is blooming.

What's your trick to making her smile during photoshoots?

Daisy's a really happy girl. She's my ray of sunshine that barely needs any help but treats definitely make it worth her time. Also, she really enjoys hearing how cute she is so throughout our photoshoot, I try to smile a lot and tell her how cute she is. 

What's a weird quirk she has?

Due to Daisy's deformity, she can easily lose her balance and begin to flop like a fish from time to time. It's funny to watch her as we try not to overreact to her physical disadvantages and quirks. 

How are you celebrating her birthday?

We baked her min dog donuts which you can find the recipe here. She's also getting extra wet food in her bowl as well an extra long walk so she can wheel, flop, and sniff. 

Who is her favorite person in the whole wide world?

Me! Extremely biased opinion. Marie thinks she lands the number 2 spot but I think it's my husband. Daisy is super sweet to everyone though and Marie thinks every dog loves her so let's just keep her thinking that she is number 2 so she keeps buying stuff for Daisy. Win-win!

How do you celebrate your dog's birthday?