UPDATE 2: Daisy's 3D Scanning + FAQ

Hi everyone! Once again, it's update time for Daisy's 3D prosthetic adventure. If you've missed our previous updates, please check it out by clicking here and here.  

Our second step in the adventure was getting Daisy's 3D scan. This allows for my 3D designer to view Daisy's legs in depth. Daisy wasn't allowed to move during the scan but I think she did a wondeful job- I was so proud!  A special thanks to CyberFX for being so patient during the 3D scan experience. 


We've received several questions (thank you!) through all of our platforms so we wanted to address it here.

How come your total raised for animal rescues to date isn't being updated?

What you see at the bottom of our website indicates the total amount that we have personally donated so far to animal rescues. 10% of the sales from our Daisy tanks (not the tees, stickers, or buttons) goes to different animal rescue each month. The amount shown is not related to Daisy's 3D printed prosthetic fund and we apologize for the confusion. 

I'm outside of the US and want to purchase your products. Will you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we currently don't ship out orders internationally. I'm so sorry! However, we are planning on changing our platform which we sell our products so that we can begin accepting international orders. We will give you an update as soon as that happens. Thank you for your patience!  

I see that you're out of most sizes. Will you be offering more sizes soon?

Yes! Once we change our platform, I will be able to begin offering a wider selection of products and sizes.

Will you be offering the same products?

The new platform will have the Daisyabled Tees and Daisy Tanks. However, the new platform will not allow us to offer the stickers and buttons. I personally love the Daisy stickers and buttons, and would love to continue to offer them. Therefore, we will continue to sell our stickers and buttons through our current shop (droolofhappiness.com/shop) and offer other products through the new platform. I apologize for the confusing setup, but I hope you will understand! 

I know we've said this a million times but we will say it once again, we are so thankful for all of you. We appreciate your patience and continuous support. Also, your opinions are important to us. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns of our products, please feel free to leave us a comment. We hope to continuously bring a smile to your face because all of you sure do for us!