Patriotic Dog Collar Roundup

There's a ton of patriotic holidays here in the good ol' USA so I thought it would be great to do a roundup of patriotic dog collars that you can use for this weekend for 4th of July and other holidays like Memorial Day. 

Patriotic Dog Collar Roundup by Drool of Happiness
  1. Patriot Bow Tie Dog Collar $46 - I love how bow tie collars are gender neutral. This one is perfect for both short hair and long haired dogs.
  2. American Heart Dog Collar $16.95 - The hearts give it the perfect girly patriotic touch. This one would be great for a short haired dog.
  3. Yacht Club Organic Dog Collar - $19 - I love how they use organic cotton. Better for the environment and it's noticeably softer. This collar is patriotic but not crazy festive that you can use it year round. 
  4. Mendota Double Braid Dog Collar $9 - This durable collar is also perfect year round. It's intended for puppies but all dogs can use it.
  5. Patriotic Chevron Dog Collar with Flower Accessory $37 - If you're like me and love super festive over the top collars for your dog, then this one is perfect. This one screams USA.

Which patriotic dog collar is your favorite?

PS: If you're looking for everyday collars, I made a roundup of boho dog collars that you can check out here