Palm Print Roundup for Dogs

Now that it's officially summer, I've been seeing tons of cute palm print in stores. That means that  our dogs need to be dressed up in palm print too. Here's a roundup of palm print merchandise for your dogs so they can officially celebrate summer too.

Palm print roundup for dogs

1. These palm tree dog treats are almost too cute to eat. Daisy and Pixie don't appreciate the cuteness as much as we do though so they will probably eat this up real quick. 

2. Pixie likes to use my leg as her pillow but when I'm not there with her, she can use this palm tree dog pillow for her high maintenance neck fluff. 

3. Even if you're just hanging out at your house, this palm tree dog bed makes it feel like a mini vacation in Hawaii. 

4. Going to an outdoor movie? Don't forget your dog and your blanket

5. If you've switched up your wardrobe from spring to summer, your dog does too with this dog collar.