Home Essentials for Dog Owners

As you may have noticed from my previous post about tips on  how to find a rental apartment with your dog as well as moving tips with your dog, Pixie rules my home. Our new apartment together is coming together and I love the whole process. I realized that there are some essentials for the home when you have a dog so I put together a list for you that hopefully makes your life easier.

Home essentials for dog owners by Drool of Happiness
  1. Slipcover for your couch - If you follow us on Pinterest, you might have noticed that I've been pinning like crazy to our home decor board. You may have also noticed that I'm into French inspired decor. My dream couch is a white Victorian style couch. My dreams are crushed though because not only am I a clutz, Pixie doesn't wear shoes and her feet are often dirty. Until I become one of those super successful people where the couch is just for decor and not for spending most of Sunday watching Nextflix (super into Gossip Girl only like 5 years later by the way), the next best thing is buying a cute slipcover. It is essential in our household so it can easily be thrown in the wash. It's such a breeze cleaning Pixie's hair, chip crumbs, and other random bits that come from nowhere and best of all, it lasts a really long time. I inherited my couch from my parents and in total, we've had the slipcovers for at least 10 years.
  2. Roomba - I moved from a carpeted apartment to hardwood floors and I never noticed how dirty my floors were. Between Pixie and I, we shed a lot of hair. Plus the air is not the cleanest here so it collects dust easily in my old apartment. Roomba is a serious game changer. It's a huge splurge but in my opinion, worth every penny. Since I take Pixie to work with me, I schedule it so it cleans while we are not at home because it can get a little loud which means that I can't hear Serena and Blair talking which is very upsetting. I got the pet one but I've heard that all of them work very well.
  3. Oil Reed Diffuser - When you move to a new place I feel like it doesn't really smell like home just yet. I used to love candles but ever since I read that the chemicals aren't good for you and the paranoia that it might hurt Pixie, I've switched over to oil reed diffusers. It's always nice to have a familiar scent. I always find great ones at HomeGoods at an affordable price point.
  4. Pet Placemat - Pixie and Daisy's brother, Mickey, are not elegant diners. They slurp their food and water and it literally goes everywhere. No white table cloths restaurants for them. That's why a pet placemat is perfect for them. Easy clean up for the bits they don't clean up themselves. Daisy doesn't need one because she's a lady. 
Home essentials for dog owners - couch slipcover

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