Toothless Dogs of Instagram

I'm obsessed with toothless dogs on instagram. It's definitely because I love Pixie and her super gummy smile. I want to introduce you to the other toothless beauties out there on instagram so you can be just as obsessed. 

  1. @toastmeetsworld - no introduction needed for Queen T (that's T for toothless). Pixie and I had the pleasure of meeting her in person and she's so precious and so sweet. 
  2. @tuskthedog - Tusk has one little tooth left which couldn't be any cuter. She also lives in LA like us and I love discovering dog friendly places through her account. 
  3. @muppetsrevenge - Pixie's spirit animal. They share the same struggles of having really famous family members. 
  4. @speedyboyboy - Speedy is a therapy dog and visits senior homes as well as children and seeing those photos warms our hearts.
  5. @mervinthechihuahua - Mervin is more stylish than I am and I'm ok with that. His big eyes makes him look a bit surprised all the time/super happy to see you all the time. Love him!
  6. @chihuahuasbloom - Glitter and Sparkles will always have a special place in our hearts because we were following them when they were living with their amazing foster mom. They found the best home ever and are living happily ever after with their forever mom. 
  7. @gizzard_the_dog - Gizzard was adopted from NKLA as well just like Pixie. How could you not giggle looking at that awesome jawless face. 
  8. @toothfairypixie - Had to include my Pixie Wixie. 

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