Little Improvements for Fall

I'm having one of those weeks where I'm feeling really inspired and aware of my surroundings. That's why I decided I'm going to make a little list of improvements for fall. As the leaves fall and it becomes soup weather, we can make little changes as well to make the world a tiny bit better than it was before. Plus, let's be real here, you've probably already broken your New Year's Resolution so you've gotta make new ones.

Shop Small and Local

I watched the documentary, The True Cost, and oh my goodness was it eye opening. It's about the true cost of fast fashion and the lives we are impacting by buying really cheap fashionable shirts. The reality is, I can't afford to fully give up cheap clothes that are only trendy for a season. But, I'm going to really think about it and try very hard to go the quality over quantity route. This also applies for dog items as well. As cute as those little outfits for Pixie, it makes me wonder where it was made and who I've impacted by purchasing it. I've always loved Alternative Apparel as well as Thread for Thought. For dogs, check out Beast & Babe for some eco friendly collar and leashes.

Minimize Food Waste

I was listening to NPR and heard this super cool story about how this super awesome guy in Spain created a community refrigerator for the needy. Basically, all the local restaurants and grocery store put their excess food in there. It's based off the honor system and you only take what you need. How freaking cool is that!? After hearing this, I was ashamed of myself. I live alone and when you live alone and cook for yourself, it seems that your food waste increases. It's just hard to eat all of the food that I cook as well as the fresh produce that doesn't get used. But I've decided to freeze more things as well as making it habit to hit the local farmer's market. "My" farmer's market is frequented by Drew Barrymore so that's my incentive to go as well. I love her and if there's a small chance I get to get a glimpse of her, it's a good reason for me to go. Plus, the much better reason of how you can buy things in smaller quantities than the grocery store is there too. And I don't mean to gross you out but Pixie eats her own puke. If she's making a conscious effort to reduce food waste, I can eat tacos 4 meals in a row.


I'm always either on the computer, on my phone, watching tv, or a combination of all 3. Hi I'm Marie and I'm addicted to my phone. It's real bad and I've been trying to not look at instagram all the time. I decided I needed to use my phone for some inner peace and downloaded the app, Headspace, for some meditation. I never thought I would be able to meditate. So many thoughts run across my brain during yoga class when the teacher tells us to just let it go. But with Headspace, I feel like I've been much better. It's only 10 minutes a day and the app is free. I don't do it everyday but when I do spend those 10 minutes doing nothing, it's great. Pixie meditates (sleeps) with me as well.