Valentine's Day Gift for your Sweetest Dog

I'm a single mom so Pixie's my Valentine this year. Err she was my Valentine last year too where we made Peanut Butter Pupcakes to celebrate. She's a very loyal and loving Valentine so I can't complain. I love baking her cake type treats because she can gum it easily but since her gums are stronger than last year, I thought I would spoil her with some gourmet treats.

I got Pixie The Dog Bakery's Puppy Petit Fours because getting a box of chocolates is one of my favorite gifts ever. Don't worry though - this is dog safe and doesn't contain any chocolate. It's made out of carob which is dog safe. I gave Pixie a little bite as a pre Valentine's Day treat and she loved it! 

Other Valentine's Day picks for your dog that I love.

  1. Bow tie pink dog collar perfect for a Valentine's Day themed photo and year round
  2. Cake topper for your pupcake
  3. A normal treat can be festive with this Valentine's Day paper plate 
  4. Valentine's Day dog toy or in Pixie's case, pillow
  5. A Valentine's Day dog dress for that special romantic dinner 
  6. To remind your dog that you love them with this heart emoji dog toy 

How will you be spending Valentine's Day with your dog?