St Patrick's Day Picks for Your Dog

St Patrick's Day or as we call it, St PAWtrick's day with our best Irish accent is just around the corner. We don't want your dog to get pinched so here's our 5 green picks for your dog.

St Patrick's Day picks for your dog
  1. Perfect St Patrick's Day dog collar that's not cheesy
  2. Love anything pink with a name embroidered on it and it's so cute when a dog wears their name on a St Patrick's Day dog shirt. Not so cute when you're a 28 year old (wannabe) adult so none for me.
  3. Going to a formal St Patrick's Day party? Why not be classy and wear a dog tie.
  4. Staying at home and drinking green beer with your pup. Poor some homemade green smoothie in this green dog bowl
  5. Store all of the lucky dog treats in this clover treat jar.